Elements DE-S50 & DE-SL50

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Hot Tub Information:


Strong Spas has once again raised the bar for quality and luxury with the ELEMENTS line. Experience unbelievable hydrotherapy. Kick back with the whole crew as the ELEMENTS’ pumps deliver incredible relief and relaxation for up to six of your family and friends. Experience tranquility with the pinnacle of our luxurious selection today!

Amplify your spa experience with the Elements 50-Jet spas. A refreshing jet massage and the smooth sound of our Bluetooth, 4 speaker sound system allows you to rejuvenate amid the harmonious atmosphere of this luxurious spa experience.

Note: This units run off a 240V outlet.

The Advantage

  • 50 Adjustable High Performance Stainless Steel 2-Tone Massage Jets
  • DE-SL50 Seats 5; Captain’s Chairs
  • DE-S50 Seats 6; Captain’s Chairs
  • 85 x 85 x 36h
  • Multi-level ergonomic seating.
  • 2 x 5BHP including ENERGY PUMP
  • Underwater LED + S’ LED controls, 16 Points Cabinet LEDs, LED Cup Holders
  • 3 LED Water Columns
  • Strong Touch LCD Touchscreen Controls
  • Ozone Purification System
  • Dura-Shield™ Hardcover with UltraStrong Cover Lift Assist
  • Optional Fully-Automated Dura-Shield™ Hardcover
  • Optional Bluetooth System and Subwoofer
  • Optional Ultra Violet Sanitation System
  • Optional WiFi

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Wash away stress, soothe aches and pains, relieve arthritis, fibromyalgia or simply unwind and enjoy family time. Durasport™ delivers all the hydrotherapy benefits comparable to that of bigger, more expensive spas. Powerful pumps and high performance jets, contoured seating and technologically advanced digital control systems ensure performance is never compromised in a Durasport™ spa.

Built Tough

Durasport™ spas are built with an innovative unibody construction, in which the body of the spa is integrated into a single unit with the sidewalls and base rather than having a separate body-on-frame. The result of this single unit is an unparalleled structural integrity creating a spa that is quite literally indestructible.