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Have you considered some of the many benefits to owning a hot tub? Hydrotherapy, anxiety remedy and relaxation is all part of the hot tub experience. Over the last ten years our family business has delivered more hot tub rentals than any other hot tub company in Winnipeg! Hosting a weekend gathering or a hot tub time machine party? Beach Bum services include delivery, cleaning and positioning - allowing your hot tub rental more time for entertaining instead of you wasting time on maintaining.

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Thanks for the awesome labor day weekend rental! After the heat wave, it got a little cooler so having the hot tub was perfect.

Marc Dobson (Rental Customer)

I reserved the Durasport Antigua for seven relaxing days for only $400!

Krystal Ipapo (Rental Customer)

We loved our long weekend rental! My wife and I love to rent a Hot Tub twice in the summer to entertain family and friends.

Paul Shneider (Rental Customer)

Fast, easy, comfortable setup. We got our Winnipeg hot tub rental setup in lass than 2 hours and enjoyed countless days of Hot Tub fun!

Jolene Forest (Rental Customer)